I`m Pauline. I focus on authenticity and human nature through movement and environment. Usually I work with people who have zero professional modelling experience
I`m 27 y.o., grown up in Russia, live in Georgia since march 2020. I am self-taught, focused on experiencing and learning from within. I take pictures since 2015, started from film. Garbbha (skt: गर्भ) — inner space, sanctuary, vessel. I take pictures through listening, not shooting.

I am practicing embodiment for more than 17 years in various forms: authentic movement, gaga movement language, vipassana meditation, contact improvisation, equestrian sports, etc. I studied psychology at spbu (2012-2015, peak experience and death narrative research, in-depth interview method). Also by June 2021 I have over 400 hours of personal psychotherapy. I practiced in theatre laboratory "studio 12" (2014-2015, Grotowsky methodology), in attention/movement/performance laboratories (Natia Chikvaidze, Boris Pavlovich, Berndt Knappe etc), studied Butoh/Odissi, worked with masks.
It was an exciting adventure through the wide range of my soul's facets. At first, Polina somehow helped me open up my deepest desires and then caught it perfectly with her camera. It was not a photoshoot but rather a spiritual or at least a psychological experience
Elena Rydkina, integral sex coach
Polina took photos of me in the very important time of my life. I just gave birth to a child and started to feel that I'm not only a mother, but also a woman, an individual. That's why I really cared about who will take my pictures. I happened to see some photos that Polina took on VK and I immediately loved her style. When our photo shoot started, I felt how a photographer can influence a model's emotional state. I felt very warm and comfortable just by how Polya looked herself, by seeing her bright eyes and very understanding look. This helped me open up and not to feel tense in any way. I also want to note how Polya moved around the place during our photo shoot: almost like an animal! I was very amazed by her smooth, careful and yet fast and silent movements. We moved a lot together, so it felt like we were dancing, only she had the camera in hands and I didn't. This was one of the best photo shoots I've ever experienced, both the process and the result. I got the photos I wanted, just like I described my vision of it to Polina before the photo shoot. What is most important is that you can feel how she loves what she's doing. She enjoys it herself and conveys this feeling to a model.
Nasiba Volkova, artist
My shoot with Polina was such fun! Polina buzzes with a quiet warmth and energy that sets you perfectly at your ease for and makes the whole session feel wonderfully natural and enjoyable. She did a mix of natural free poses, added a little direction and also suggested a few crazier moves with me. The photos speak for themselves - they are stunning! Thanks so much - I can't wait for the next shoot!
Tom Pinnegar, engineer
Polina and I were shooting in May 2020 in Kojori, Tbilisi area. It was a body-focused photo session outdoors in the edgy mountains overlooking large valleys. It was very comfortable and therapeutic experience, it made me feel my body and my entire self are becoming one with the surroundings, with the nature. Polina is a very delicate and caring photographer, easily turning a session into an interactive experience beyond a relationship where participants are simply a "photographer" and a "model". I'd love to shoot with her again!
Erika Tšerkašina aka Erika Tse, human rights defender
We had a fotoset with Polina 2 months before my son was born. I was dreaming about an intimate process to catch this very special state of body and soul. So Polina was the best person to do that! It was much more about friend's talk: we made pancakes, laughed a lot, danced and made some authentic movement and during all these processes Polina made fotos and i was absolutely relaxed. So as a result we had fantastic time together and even best fotos, very honest and vivid.
Ekaterina Solomina, tutor
It was my first time being photographed by someone else and I loved it. Polina was sooo warm, gentle and I felt so comfortable and relaxed with her and had fun throughout the whole process. I think Polina could find infinite beauty in anything/anyone and she perfectly captures it.
Nazym Kadirbekova, motion/graphic designer
I think what is close to me in Pauline that she is a researcher. She does not just strive for a nice picture but researching and creating connections, spaces, relationships. I guess, photography for her is not just an image fixation, but an act of cognition or coming closer with nature or person, immersion. It is important that topics she suggests are close to me: nature and conjunction with it, vulnerability, essential beauty of the body, about which you can shy and you can not to, dance, authenticity, even naturalness) Living feminity, life by your own way. It was easy for me to bring myself and save it in the frame, to expose. To follow the response in the movement or stop in the silence. With Po as a photographer, I feel confident, in a partnership, and interesting.
Polina Lebedeva, masseuse
Pauline helped me to get naked without pretending. For the first time I was almost fearless in front of the lens. I just trusted her. Photography is not only about a model. This is about interaction, about looking from the outside, about conjunctions. Thanks for dancing and for taking pictures <3 Let Patty sing louder: People, don't give up! We can rise up again / The only thing governments, corporations, everybody fears / Is our fucking numbers / We the people can unite globally / THROUGH LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, MOTHERFUCKERS, LOVE
Victoria Harris, SMM-manager
My meetings with Pauline is very different, but every time get inside of me and my processes. And it's really a mystery to me — can I be in her lens differently, not real? The first one happened in the forest, when I for the first time allowed myself to be naked in front of a stranger. I was scared and trembling, but I felt that is safe to be with her. It was like a therapy. Before I came to Pauline photo shout I looked at the pictures already taken. What did I see in them? Love, air, tenderness. I trusted and stepped into this contract. I took my body, opened it and tried to love it for what it is. Pauline helped me, she created the safe space, where I could be vulnerable and went deeper and deeper into myself. I think in this moment I was able to touch my animal part and let it be manifested. That was our acquaintance. I'm really waiting for our next meetings. For me it's about finding a point where we will come into contact for a moment. Also, there will be beautiful photos that I can review.
Lesia Belimova, acting 'n' voice-speech coach
To begin with - Paulina is one my favourite visual (and not only visual) artists since i first saw her pictures. I loved her outstanding vision and style - that's why I was extremely excited before our session on the coast of "Ladoga" lake. And, u know, during the session I realised, that Paulina is more than just a photographer, with a great sense of composition. She is a very special and unique artist - u both participate in her sessions, but Paulina is not just catching u in different poses, but provides some kind of transfer of your personality through her shooting lens to the picture. Your comfort and inner peace during the session is the most important for Paulina, I guess. She has a mysterious skill - to be beside u, unobtrusively helping u to open up (I also participated in pottery session with Paulina, and I know what am talking about, ahah). Finally - pictures that we've made together some years ago are still better represent me as person! Thank u Pauline, I love and your art with all my heart, cause everything that u r touching with your heart is truly beautiful
Mitya Dagin, actor of the puppet theater
Very nice photographer, kind as a person, comfortable to work with, calm and professional enough. Knows what she wants to see in the shot, but there is a fine balance, which gives some space for the model's creativity as well. Pictures are full of matter, content. More about mood of the material, than situation, and this is her signature, which makes her artworks recognizable.
Bigvava Giorgi aka Gsha, illustrator
The shooting with Polina was fascinating. We circled dancing on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, listening to the wind that circled us. A pleasant evening in the company of pleasant Polina. The result was parading beyond measure. Beautiful photos and memories.
Anastasia Zemlyanskaya, model
Polina, thank you! The pictures are good. I love that they are lively and varied. While I will post them on IG. Taking pictures with you was also comfortable. Thank you for creating the right atmosphere and taking some cool pictures ????
Kirill Schedrin, marketer
1 hour shooting, date booked on prepayment. Extra costs are paid by the client
2 days
To receive the result
30 photos
In author's processing
I don't give the sources, don`t retouch and reserve the rights to publish works unless otherwise agreed
Body, shapes, textures
Release & trust, body as a story, intimacy, acceptance, body as a nature, empowerment. Huge range on the nature or focus on details in my studio. nude\neutral underwear, there may be flowers, stones, branches, etc.
Authentic movement, narrative practice
Rituals, phototherapy, transformation, peradventure, path, character. To see the shadow, empowerment, movement. May require preparation on your part. There may be minimalistic outfit or costumes, artifacts, creative make-up -- in cooperation with a stylist or not. Poetry\folklore can be used also or we can use authentic movement structure and just follow the unconscious in the process
In your studio, at your rehearsal, show, session, whatever you do. Backstage, focus on process & atmosphere you are creating. Also i can shoot your wedding\birthday as a documentary, without any direction
Dialog with the city, corners, courage, sky, textures, wide eye perspective, movement, touches, noise. In your favourite coffeeshop\park\roof\wall
For your brand, for your art. Natural light, details, textures, shapes, softness, calm colors, message of your project, product in use, interior\exterior, atmosphere. I don't shoot with an artificial light\catalogically or with aggressive selling message
How it works? Inquiry, inspiration, references, prepayment, preparation.
I feel honored when you say "do with me whatever you want, I trust you". But I dont beleive you have no ideas, inspiration, inquiry :) Only documentary, body portraits and authentic movement can be done without preparation.

I will ask you about emotions, narratives, colors, sensations you have about it. Where are you in your life now. What is your story/message now. What turns you on. Motivations.

I will ask what you want on the picture. Your references, saved pictures, books, movies which inspired you to this shooting. Where you want it to happen. Triggers. If i see its not my style i will recommend you another artist who can make it.

We will choose the date and i will take the 50% non-refundable prepayment.

If you have nothing, I will ask you to search & save what you like for a few days and then we will discuss it. You can use my old works & inspiration folders ofc.

After that we will choose location, outfits, stylist if we need, etc. How long do we need, do we need transfer, etc. At what time (depends on season and location also). Transfer of the date is possible only if the weather is unsuitable.
I keep my portfolio on instagram
Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone: +995599158255
E-mail: garbbha@gmail.com
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